84.0 The Intouchables

The Avocado team is proud to present another release: Avocado 84.0, AKA “The Intouchables”, is now available!

Release documentation: Avocado 84.0

Users/Test Writers

  • Yaml To Mux plugin now properly supports None values.

  • Command line options related to results, such as --json-job-result, --tap-job-result, --xunit-job-result and --html-job-result are now “proper boolean” options (such as --disable-json-job-result, --disable-xunit-job-result, etc).

  • Pre and Post (job) plugins are now respected in when used with the Job API.

  • Support for avocado list “extra information” has been restored. This is used in Avocado-VT loaders. They will be removed (again) for good after its usage is deprecated and removed in Avocado-VT.

Bug Fixes

  • The run.dict_variants setting is now properly registered in an Init plugin.

  • The nrunner implementation for exec and exec-test suffered from a limitation to the amount of output it could collect. It was related the size of the PIPE used internally by the Python subprocess module. This limitation has been now lifted.

  • The nrunner status server can be configured with the maximum buffer size that it uses.

  • The avocado-instrumented nrunner runner now covers all valid test status.

  • The nrunner status server socket is now properly closed, which allows multiple test suites in a job to not conflict.

  • The nrunner status server now properly handles the asyncio API under Python 3.6.

Utility APIs

Internal Changes

  • Yaml To Mux documentation updates regarding the data types and null values.

  • Release documentation now include the Fedora/EPEL refresh steps.

  • BP000 is included and approved.

  • The Makefile now works on systems such as Fedora 33 because a bad substitution was fixed.

  • Only enough nrunner workers to deal with the number of tasks in a suite are created and started.

  • All nrunner based runners are now checked with a basic interface test.

  • The same check script (selftests/check.py) is now used run under RPM builds.

Misc Changes

  • The contrib scripts to run the KVM unit tests was updated and supports the nrunner and skip exit codes.

For more information, please check out the complete Avocado changelog.