0.29.0 Steven Universe

Hello! Avocado reaches the end of Sprint 29, and with it, we have a great release coming! This version of avocado once brings new features and plenty of bugfixes:

  • The remote and VM plugins now work with –multiplex, so that you can use both features in conjunction. * The VM plugin can now auto detect the IP of a given libvirt domain you pass to it, reducing typing and providing an easier and more pleasant experience. * Temporary directories are now properly cleaned up and no re-creation of directories happens, making avocado more secure.

  • Avocado docs are now also tagged by release. You can see the specific documentation of this one at our readthedocs page [1]

  • Test introspection/listing is safer: Now avocado does not load Python modules to introspect its contents, an alternative method, based on the Python AST parser is used, which means now avocado will not load possible badly written/malicious code at listing stage. You can find more about that in our test resolution documentation [2]

  • You can now specify low level loaders to avocado to customize your test running experience. You can learn more about that in the Test Discovery documentation [3]

  • The usual many bugfixes and polishing commits. You can see the full amount of 96 commits at [4]

For our Avocado VT plugin, the main changes are:

  • The vt-bootstrap process is now more robust against users interrupting previous bootstrap attempts

  • Some issues with RPM install in RHEL hosts were fixed

  • Issues with unsafe temporary directories were fixed, making the VT tests more secure.

  • Issues with unattended installed were fixed

  • Now the address of the virbr0 bridge is properly auto detected, which means that our unattended installation content server will work out of the box as long as you have a working virbr0 bridge.

Install avocado

As usual, go to https://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/lmr/Autotest/ to install our YUM/DNF repo and get the latest goodies!

Happy hacking and testing!