0.30.0 Jimmy’s Hall

Hello! Avocado reaches the end of Sprint 30, and with it, we have a new release available! This version brings stability fixes and improvements to both Avocado and Avocado-vt.

As software doesn’t spring out of life itself, we’d like to acknowledge the major contributions by Lucas (AKA lmr) since the dawn of time for Avocado (and earlier projects like Autotest and virt-test). Although the Avocado team at Red Hat was hit by some changes, we’re already extremely happy to see that this major contributor (and good friend) has not gone too far.

Now back to the more informational part of the release notes. For Avocado the main changes are:

  • New RPM repository location, check the docs[1] for instructions on how to install the latest releases

  • Makefile rules for building RPMs are now based on mock, to ensure sound dependencies

  • Packaged versions are now available for Fedora 22, newly released Fedora 23, EL6 and EL7

  • The software manager utility library now supports DNF

  • The avocado test runner now supports a dry run mode, which allows users to check how a job would be executed, including tests that would be found and parameters that would be passed to it. This is currently complementary to the avocado list command.

  • The avocado test runner now supports running simple tests with parameters. This may come in handy for simple use cases when Avocado will wrap a test suite, but the test suite needs some command line arguments.

Avocado-vt also received many bugfixes[3]. Please refer to the changelog for more information.

Install avocado

Instructions are available in our documentation on how to install either with packages or from source[1].

Happy hacking and testing!