0.32.0 Road Runner

Hi everyone! A new year brings a new Avocado release as the result of Sprint #32: Avocado 0.32.0, aka, “Road Runner”.

The major changes introduced in the previous releases were put to trial on this release cycle, and as a result, we have responded with documentation updates and also many fixes. This release also marks the introduction of a great feature by a new member of our team: Amador Pahim brought us the Job Replay feature! Kudos!!!

So, for Avocado the main changes are:

  • Job Replay: users can now easily re-run previous jobs by using the –replay command line option. This will re-run the job with the same tests, configuration and multiplexer variants that were used on the origin one. By using –replay-test-status, users can, for example, only rerun the failed tests of the previous job. For more check our docs[1].
  • Documentation changes in response to our users feedback, specially regarding the setup.py install/develop requirement.
  • Fixed the static detection of test methods when using repeated names.
  • Ported some Autotest tests to Avocado, now available on their own repository[2]. More contributions here are very welcome!

For a complete list of changes please check the Avocado changelog[3].

For Avocado-VT, there were also many changes, including:

  • Major documentation updates, making them simpler and more in sync with the Avocado documentation style.
  • Refactor of the code under the avocado_vt namespace. Previously most of the code lived under the plugin file itself, now it better resembles the structure in Avocado and the plugin files are hopefully easier to grasp.

Again, for a complete list of changes please check the Avocado-VT changelog[4].

Install avocado

Instructions are available in our documentation on how to install either with packages or from source[5].

Updated RPM packages are be available in the project repos for Fedora 22, Fedora 23, EPEL 6 and EPEL 7.

Happy hacking and testing!