0.27.0 Terminator: Genisys

Hi guys, here I am, announcing yet another avocado release! The most exciting news for this release is that our avocado-vt plugin was merged with the virt-test project. The avocado-vt plugin will be very important for QEMU/KVM/Libvirt developers, so the main avocado received updates to better support the goal of having a good quality avocado-vt.

Changes in avocado:

  • The avocado human output received some tweaks and it’s more compact, while still being informative. Here’s an example:

    JOB ID     : f2f5060440bd57cba646c1f223ec8c40d03f539b
    JOB LOG : /home/user/avocado/job-results/job-2015-07-27T17.13-f2f5060/job.log
    JOB HTML : /home/user/avocado/job-results/job-2015-07-27T17.13-f2f5060/html/results.html
    TESTS      : 1
     (1/1) passtest.py:PassTest.test: PASS (0.00 s)
    TIME       : 0.00 s
  • The avocado test loader was refactored and behaves more consistently in different test loading scenarios.

  • The utils API received new modules and functions:

  • NEW avocado.utils.cpu: APIs related to CPU information on linux boxes [1]
  • NEW avocado.utils.git: APIs to clone/update git repos [2]
  • NEW avocado.utils.iso9660: Get information about ISO files [3]
  • NEW avocado.utils.service: APIs to control services on linux boxes (systemv and systemd) [4]
  • NEW avocado.utils.output: APIs that help avocado based CLI programs to display results to users [5]
  • UPDATE avocado.utils.download: Add url_download_interactive
  • UPDATE avocado.utils.download: Add new params to get_file
  • Bugfixes. You may refer to [6] for the full list of 64 commits.

Changes in avocado-vt:

  • Merged virt-test into avocado-vt. Basically, the virt-test core library (virttest) replaced most uses of autotest by equivalent avocado API calls, and its code was brought up to the virt-test repository [7]. This means, among other things, that you can simply install avocado-vt through RPM and enjoy all the virt tests without having to clone another repository manually to bootstrap your tests. More details about the process will be sent on an e-mail to the avocado and virt-test mailing lists. Please go to [7] for instructions on how to get started with all our new tools.

See you in a couple of weeks for our next release! Happy testing!