74.0 Home Alone

The Avocado team is proud to present another release: Avocado 74.0, AKA “Home Alone”, is now available!

Release documentation: Avocado 74.0

Users/Test Writers

  • A new test type, TAP has been introduced along with a new loader and resolver. With a TAP test, it’s possible to execute a binary or script, similar to a SIMPLE test, and part its Test Anything Protocol output to determine the test status.
  • It’s now possible to enforce colored or non-colored output, no matter if the output is a terminal or not. The configuration item color was introduced in the runner.output section, and recognize the values auto, always or never.

Bug Fixes

  • The safeloader mechanism that discovers both Avocado’s Python based INSTRUMENTED tests, and Python’s native unittests, would fail to find any tests if any of the classes on a given file contained references to a module that was not on a parent location. Now, the safeloader code will continue the discovery process, ignoring the modules that were not found at parent locations.

Utility APIs

Internal Changes

  • A PyLint configuration file was added to the tree, facilitating the use of the standard Python linter when developing Avocado in IDEs that support this feature.

For more information, please check out the complete Avocado changelog.