avocado.core.restclient.cli package


avocado.core.restclient.cli.app module

This is the main entry point for the rest client cli application

class avocado.core.restclient.cli.app.App

Bases: object

Base class for CLI application

Initializes a new app instance.

This class is intended both to be used by the stock client application and also to be reused by custom applications. If you want, say, to limit the amount of command line actions and its arguments, you can simply supply another argument parser class to this constructor. Of course another way to customize it is to inherit from this and modify its members at will.


Calls the actions that was specified via command line arguments.

This involves loading the relevant module file.


Initialize the connection instance


Main entry point for application

avocado.core.restclient.cli.parser module

REST client application command line parsing

class avocado.core.restclient.cli.parser.Parser(**kwargs)

Bases: argparse.ArgumentParser

The main CLI Argument Parser.

Initializes a new parser


Add arguments that are present on all Python modules at a given prefix

Parameters:prefix – a Python module namespace
add_arguments_on_module(name, prefix)

Add arguments that are present on a given Python module

Parameters:name – the name of the Python module, without the namespace

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