About Avocado

Avocado is a set of tools and libraries to help with automated testing.

One can call it a test framework with benefits. Native tests are written in Python and they follow the unittest pattern, but any executable can serve as a test.

Avocado is composed of:

  • A test runner that lets you execute tests. Those tests can be either written in your language of choice, or be written in Python and use the available libraries. In both cases, you get facilities such as automated log and system information collection.
  • Libraries that help you write tests in a concise, yet expressive and powerful way. You can find more information about what libraries are intended for test writers at Libraries and APIs.
  • Plugins that can extend and add new functionality to the Avocado Framework.

Avocado is built on the experience accumulated with Autotest, while improving on its weaknesses and shortcomings.

Avocado tries as much as possible to comply with standard Python testing technology. Tests written using the Avocado API are derived from the unittest class, while other methods suited to functional and performance testing were added. The test runner is designed to help people to run their tests while providing an assortment of system and logging facilities, with no effort, and if you want more features, then you can start using the API features progressively.