Avocado Data Directories

When running tests, we are frequently looking to:

  • Locate tests

  • Write logs to a given location

  • Grab files that will be useful for tests, such as ISO files or VM disk images

Avocado has a module dedicated to finding those paths, to avoid cumbersome path manipulation magic.

If you want to list all relevant directories for your test, you can use avocado config --datadir command to list those directories. Executing it will give you an output similar to the one seen below:

$ avocado config --datadir
Config files read (in order):
    * /etc/avocado/avocado.conf
    * /etc/avocado/conf.d/resultsdb.conf
    * /etc/avocado/conf.d/result_upload.conf
    * /etc/avocado/conf.d/jobscripts.conf
    * /etc/avocado/conf.d/gdb.conf

Avocado replaces config dirs that can't be accessed
with sensible defaults. Please edit your local config
file to customize values.

Avocado Data Directories:
    base  $HOME/avocado
    tests $HOME/Code/avocado/examples/tests
    data  $HOME/avocado/data
    logs  $HOME/avocado/job-results
    cache $HOME/avocado/data/cache

Note that, while Avocado will do its best to use the config values you provide in the config file, if it can’t write values to the locations provided, it will fall back to (we hope) reasonable defaults, and we notify the user about that in the output of the command.

The relevant API documentation and meaning of each of those data directories is in avocado.core.data_dir, so it’s highly recommended you take a look.

You may set your preferred data dirs by setting them in the Avocado config files. The only exception for important data dirs here is the Avocado tmp dir, used to place temporary files used by tests. That directory will be in normal circumstances /var/tmp/avocado_XXXXX, (where XXXXX is in actuality a random string) securely created on /var/tmp/, unless the user has the $TMPDIR environment variable set, since that is customary among unix programs.