Avocado development tips

In tree utils

You can find handy utils in avocado.utils.debug:


Decorator can be used to print current duration of the executed function and accumulated duration of this decorated function. It’s very handy when optimizing.


from avocado.utils import debug
def your_function(...):

During the execution look for:

PERF: <function your_function at 0x29b17d0>: (0.1s, 11.3s)
PERF: <function your_function at 0x29b17d0>: (0.2s, 11.5s)


If you are running a test with Avocado, and want to measure the duration of a method/function, make sure to enable the avocado.utils.debug logging stream. Example:

avocado --show avocado.utils.debug run examples/tests/assets.py


You can measure line-by-line performance by using line_profiler. You can install it using pip:

pip install line_profiler

and then simply mark the desired function with @profile (no need to import it from anywhere). Then you execute:

kernprof -l -v avocado run ...

and when the process finishes you’ll see the profiling information. (sometimes the binary is called kernprof.py)

Remote debug with Eclipse

Eclipse is a nice debugging frontend which allows remote debugging. It’s very simple. The only thing you need is Eclipse with pydev plugin. The simplest way is to use pip install pydevd and then you set the breakpoint by:

import pydevd
pydevd.settrace(host="$IP_ADDR_OF_ECLIPSE_MACHINE", stdoutToServer=False, stderrToServer=False, port=5678, suspend=True, trace_only_current_thread=False, overwrite_prev_trace=False, patch_multiprocessing=False)

Before you run the code, you need to start the Eclipse’s debug server. Switch to Debug perspective (you might need to open it first Window->Perspective->Open Perspective). Then start the server from Pydev->Start Debug Server.

Now whenever the pydev.settrace() code is executed, it contacts Eclipse debug server (port 8000 by default, don’t forget to open it) and you can easily continue in execution. This works on every remote machine which has access to your Eclipse’s port 8000 (you can override it).