avocado.core.runners package


avocado.core.runners.avocado_instrumented module

class avocado.core.runners.avocado_instrumented.AvocadoInstrumentedTestRunner(runnable)

Bases: avocado.core.nrunner.BaseRunner

Runner for Avocado INSTRUMENTED tests

Runnable attributes usage:

  • uri: path to a test file, combined with an Avocado.Test inherited class name and method. The test file path and class and method names should be separated by a “:”. One example of a valid uri is “mytest.py:Class.test_method”.
  • args: not used

Runner main method

Yields dictionary as output, containing status as well as relevant information concerning the results.

class avocado.core.runners.avocado_instrumented.RunnerApp(echo=<built-in function print>, prog=None, description=None)

Bases: avocado.core.nrunner.BaseRunnerApp

PROG_DESCRIPTION = 'nrunner application for avocado-instrumented tests'
PROG_NAME = 'avocado-runner-avocado-instrumented'
RUNNABLE_KINDS_CAPABLE = {'avocado-instrumented': <class 'avocado.core.runners.avocado_instrumented.AvocadoInstrumentedTestRunner'>}
class avocado.core.runners.avocado_instrumented.RunnerLogHandler(queue, message_type)

Bases: logging.Handler

Runner logger which will put every log to the runner queue


Do whatever it takes to actually log the specified logging record.

This version is intended to be implemented by subclasses and so raises a NotImplementedError.

class avocado.core.runners.avocado_instrumented.StreamToQueue(queue, message_type)

Bases: object

Runner Stream which will transfer every to the runner queue


avocado.core.runners.tap module

class avocado.core.runners.tap.RunnerApp(echo=<built-in function print>, prog=None, description=None)

Bases: avocado.core.nrunner.BaseRunnerApp

PROG_DESCRIPTION = 'nrunner application for executable tests that produce TAP'
PROG_NAME = 'avocado-runner-tap'
RUNNABLE_KINDS_CAPABLE = {'tap': <class 'avocado.core.runners.tap.TAPRunner'>}
class avocado.core.runners.tap.TAPRunner(runnable)

Bases: avocado.core.nrunner.ExecRunner

Runner for standalone executables treated as TAP

When creating the Runnable, use the following attributes:

  • kind: should be ‘tap’;
  • uri: path to a binary to be executed as another process. This must provides a TAP output.
  • args: any runnable argument will be given on the command line to the binary given by path
  • kwargs: you can specify multiple key=val as kwargs. This will be used as environment variables to the process.


runnable = Runnable(kind=’tap’,
uri=’tests/foo.sh’, ‘bar’, # arg 1 DEBUG=’false’) # kwargs 1 (environment)

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