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Commit style guide

Write a good commit message, pointing motivation, issues that you’re addressing. Usually you should try to explain 3 points in the commit message: motivation, approach and effects:

header          <- Limited to 72 characters. No period.
                <- Blank line
message         <- Any number of lines, limited to 72 characters per line.
                <- Blank line
Reference:      <- External references, one per line (issue, trello, ...)
Signed-off-by:  <- Signature and acknowledgment of licensing terms when
                   contributing to the project (created by git commit -s)

Signing commits

Optionally you can sign the commits using GPG signatures. Doing it is simple and it helps from unauthorized code being merged without notice.

All you need is a valid GPG signature, git configuration, slightly modified workflow to use the signature and eventually even setup in github so one benefits from the “nice” UI.

Get a GPG signature:

# Google for howto, but generally it works like this
$ gpg --gen-key  # defaults are usually fine (using expiration is recommended)
$ gpg --send-keys $YOUR_KEY    # to propagate the key to outer world

Enable it in git:

$ git config --global user.signingkey $YOUR_KEY

(optional) Link the key with your GH account:

1. Login to github
2. Go to settings->SSH and GPG keys
3. Add New GPG key
4. run $(gpg -a --export $YOUR_EMAIL) in shell to see your key
5. paste the key there

Use it:

# You can sign commits by using '-S'
$ git commit -S
# You can sign merges by using '-S'
$ git merge -S


You can not use the merge button on github to do signed merges as github does not have your private key.

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