Sysinfo collection

Avocado comes with a sysinfo plugin, which automatically gathers some system information per each job or even between tests. This is very useful when later we want to know what caused the test’s failure. This system is configurable but we provide a sane set of defaults for you.

In the default Avocado configuration (/etc/avocado/avocado.conf) there is a section sysinfo.collect where you can enable/disable the sysinfo collection as well as configure the basic environment. In sysinfo.collectibles section you can define basic paths of where to look for what commands/tasks should be performed before/during the sysinfo collection. Avocado supports three types of tasks:

  1. commands - file with new-line separated list of commands to be executed before and after the job/test (single execution commands). It is possible to set a timeout which is enforced per each executed command in [sysinfo.collect] by setting “commands_timeout” to a positive number.
  2. files - file with new-line separated list of files to be copied
  3. profilers - file with new-line separated list of commands to be executed before the job/test and killed at the end of the job/test (follow-like commands)

Additionally this plugin tries to follow the system log via journalctl if available.

By default these are collected per-job but you can also run them per-test by setting per_test = True in the sysinfo.collect section.

The sysinfo can also be enabled/disabled on the cmdline if needed by --sysinfo on|off.

After the job execution you can find the collected information in $RESULTS/sysinfo of $RESULTS/test-results/$TEST/sysinfo. They are categorized into pre, post and profile folders and the filenames are safely-escaped executed commands or file-names. You can also see the sysinfo in html results when you have html results plugin enabled.


If you are using avocado from sources, you need to manually place the commands/files/profilers into the /etc/avocado/sysinfo directories or adjust the paths in $AVOCADO_SRC/etc/avocado/avocado.conf.