0.26.0 The Office

Hi guys, I’m here to announce avocado 0.26.0. This release was dedicated to polish aspects of the avocado user experience, such as documentation and behavior.


  • Now avocado tests that raise exceptions that don’t inherit from avocado.core.exceptions.TestBaseException now will be marked as ERRORs. This change was made to make avocado to have clearly defined test statuses. A new decorator, avocado.fail_on_error was added to let arbitrary exceptions to raise errors, if users need a more relaxed behavior.
  • The avocado.Test() utility method skip() now can only be called from inside the setUp() method. This was made because by definition, if we get to the test execution step, by definition it can’t be skipped anymore. It’s important to keep the concepts clear and well separated if we want to give users a good experience.
  • More documentation polish and updates. Make sure you check out our documentation website http://avocado-framework.readthedocs.org/en/latest/.
  • A number of avocado command line options and help text was reviewed and updated.
  • A new, leaner and mobile friendly version of the avocado website is live. Please check http://avocado-framework.github.io/ for more information.
  • We have the first version of the avocado dashboard! avocado dashboard is the initial version of an avocado web interface, and will serve as the frontend to our testing database. You can check out a screenshot here: https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/296807/8536678/dc5da720-242a-11e5-921c-6abd46e0f51e.png
  • And the usual bugfixes. You can take a look at the full list of 68 commits here: https://github.com/avocado-framework/avocado/compare/0.25.0…0.26.0