avocado_glib package

Module contents

Plugin to run GLib Test Framework tests in Avocado

class avocado_glib.GLibCLI

Bases: avocado.core.plugin_interfaces.CLI

Run GLib Test Framework tests


Configures the command line parser with options specific to this plugin

description = "GLib Framework options for 'run' subcommand"
name = 'glib'

Execute any action the plugin intends.

Example of action may include activating a special features upon finding that the requested command line options were set by the user.

Note: this plugin class is not intended for adding new commands, for that please use CLICmd.

class avocado_glib.GLibLoader(args, extra_params)

Bases: avocado.core.loader.TestLoader

GLib Test loader class

discover(reference, which_tests=<DiscoverMode.DEFAULT: <object object>>)

Discover (possible) tests from an reference.

  • reference (str) – the reference to be inspected.
  • which_tests (DiscoverMode) – Limit tests to be displayed

a list of test matching the reference as params.

static get_decorator_mapping()
static get_type_label_mapping()
name = 'glib'
class avocado_glib.GLibTest(name, params=None, base_logdir=None, job=None, executable=None)

Bases: avocado.core.test.SimpleTest

Run a GLib test command as a SIMPLE test.


Returns the path of the GLib test suite.


Create the GLib command and execute it.

class avocado_glib.NotGLibTest

Bases: object

Not a GLib Test (for reporting purposes)