Result plugins

Optional plugins providing various types of job results.

HTML results Plugin

This optional plugin creates beautiful human readable results.

To install the HTML plugin from pip, use:

pip install avocado-framework-plugin-result-html

Once installed it produces the results in job results dir:

$ avocado run
JOB HTML  : /home/medic/avocado/job-results/job-2014-08-12T15.57-5ffe4792/html/results.html

This can be disabled via –html-job-result on|off. One can also specify a custom location via –html . Last but not least –open-browser can be used to start browser automatically once the job finishes.

ResultsDB Plugin

This optional plugin is intended to propagate the Avocado Job results to a given ResultsDB API URL.

To install the ResultsDB plugin from pip, use:

pip install avocado-framework-plugin-resultsdb


avocado run --resultsdb-api

Optionally, you can provide the URL where the Avocado logs are published:

avocado run --resultsdb-api --resultsdb-logs

The –resultsdb-logs is a convenience option that will create links to the logs in the ResultsDB records. The links will then have the following formats:

  • ResultDB group (Avocado Job):
  • ResultDB result (Avocado Test):

You can also set the ResultsDB API URL and logs URL using a config file:

api_url =
logs_url =

And then run the Avocado command without the –resultsdb-api and –resultsdb-logs options. Notice that the command line options will have precedence over the configuration file.