avocado_varianter_yaml_to_mux package

Module contents

Varianter plugin to parse yaml files to params

class avocado_varianter_yaml_to_mux.ListOfNodeObjects

Bases: list

Used to mark list as list of objects from whose node is going to be created

class avocado_varianter_yaml_to_mux.Value

Bases: tuple

Used to mark values to simplify checking for node vs. value

class avocado_varianter_yaml_to_mux.YamlToMux

Bases: avocado.core.mux.MuxPlugin, avocado.core.plugin_interfaces.Varianter

Processes the mux options into varianter plugin

description = 'Multiplexer plugin to parse yaml files to params'
name = 'yaml_to_mux'
class avocado_varianter_yaml_to_mux.YamlToMuxCLI

Bases: avocado.core.plugin_interfaces.CLI

Defines arguments for YamlToMux plugin


Configures “run” and “variants” subparsers

description = "YamlToMux options for the 'run' subcommand"
name = 'yaml_to_mux'

The YamlToMux varianter plugin handles these

avocado_varianter_yaml_to_mux.create_from_yaml(paths, debug=False)

Create tree structure from yaml-like file :param fileobj: File object to be processed :raise SyntaxError: When yaml-file is corrupted :return: Root of the created tree structure