96.0 Nueve reinas

The Avocado team is proud to present another release: Avocado 96.0, AKA “Nueve reinas”, is now available!

Release documentation: Avocado 96.0

Users/Test Writers

  • Plugins can now have a builtin priority in relation to other plugins of the same type that will affect its execution order. This is in addition to the configurable plugins.$type.order settings.

  • Avocado will now print a more descriptive list of tests that finished with a particular status at the end of the job (FAIL and ERROR by default).

Bug Fixes

  • Python logging streams other than the ones in the avocado.* namespace will now be saved to the debug.log files when set with --store-logging-stream option.

Utility APIs

Internal Changes

  • Modernization of Python code with a switch to f-strings.

  • A avocado.core.nrunner.Task’s set of requirements are now called *dependencies* instead.

  • The dependencies of a avocado.core.nrunner.Task are now tracked on the more suitable avocado.core.task.runtime.RuntimeTask.

  • SRPMs for packit builds are now built in COPR.

For more information, please check out the complete Avocado changelog.