This plugin will create a temporary directory on the system where the Avocado job is running. This directory will be available throughout the execution of the job.

The indented use case is for legacy test suites that have dependencies between tests. An early test may benefit from doing some sort of setup, such as downloading a file or compiling some code. The location of this directory will be made available:

  • At the environment variable AVOCADO_TESTS_COMMON_TMPDIR

  • At the avocado.Test.teststmpdir property for avocado-instrumented tests.

By making use of the temporary directory that will precede and outlive the test itself, the setup performed by one test may be reused by a later test.

This is opposed to a test’s own and private work directory (environment variable AVOCADO_TEST_WORKDIR, property avocado.Test.workdir) which will only be available during each individual test execution.


if an Avocado job spawns tests with a spawner other than process (say podman, lxc or another custom spawner), those tests won’t have access to the common temporary directory created by this plugin.