Remote Spawner Plugin

This plugin makes use of remote aexpect sessions (to remote hosts or equivalently remote containers behind remote hosts forwarded via specific ports) as slots to schedule test runs on.

It mainly draws inspiration and mimics slot and other code from the LXC spawner with the exception of extra configurable test timeout that is enforced by aexpect as a dependency and fully specific to this type of spawner.

To install the Remote Spawner plugin from pip, use:

$ sudo pip install avocado-framework-plugin-spawner-remote

After it is installed, add a slot (e.g. “board”) to your avocado config file:

slots = ['board']

Then you need a JSON file of the same name as the slot. Its contents are the command line parameters of aexpect’s remote_login function of module remote, e.g.:

   "client": "telnet",
   "host": "",
   "port": "23",
   "username": "root",
   "password": "",
   "prompt": "#"

Final important detail: the remote site also needs avocado installed.