Style guides

Commit style guide

Write a good commit message, pointing motivation, issues that you’re addressing. Usually you should try to explain 3 points in the commit message: motivation, approach and effects:

header          <- Limited to 72 characters. No period.
                <- Blank line
message         <- Any number of lines, limited to 72 characters per line.
                <- Blank line
Reference:      <- External references, one per line (issue, trello, ...)
Signed-off-by:  <- Signature and acknowledgment of licensing terms when
                   contributing to the project (created by git commit -s)

Signing commits

If you’ve set a GPG signature, it’s a good idea to put it in use when committing your changes. To sign your commits, add the -S command line option, such as in:

$ git commit -S

And if you are merging branches:

$ git merge -S


If you use the merge button on GitHub, the signature will be performed with GitHub’s own private key. Please check whether you find that acceptable or not.

Code style guide

Avocado uses the Black code style checker, and thus, you should follow its very opinionated style. In reality, it’s recommended to use your editor or IDE features to make sure the style is applied automatically. Please refer to the black documentation for more information.