Contribution and Community Guide

Useful pointers on how to participate of the Avocado community and contribute.

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Contributing to Avocado

Avocado uses github and the github pull request development model. You can find a primer on how to use github pull requests here. Every Pull Request you send will be automatically tested by Travis CI and review will take place in the Pull Request as well.

For people who don’t like the github development model, there is the option of sending the patches to the Mailing List, following a workflow more traditional in Open Source development communities. The patches will be reviewed in the Mailing List, should you opt for that.

As soon as we have a mailing list functional, just send patches to the list, and we’ll have a sub-maintainer that will collect the patches, integrate them on a branch, and then those patches will be submitted as a github Pull Request. This process tries to ensure that every contributed patch goes through the CI jobs before it is considered good for inclusion.